The trekking bike is by nature a multi-purpose bike for hybrid uses: city or country trail rides, long distance trips, as well as daily commuting.

Generally equipped with accessories such as lighting, mudguards, stand, it can also carry luggage.

Ride comfort, handling and robustness are the main qualities sought in a trekking bike, as well as good road holding.


Mach1's expertise in this field

Designed to be multi-functional, trekking bikes have in common the robustness and strength of their components.

Equipped with notched or non-notched tyres, but generally quite wide, the rims range from 19c to 23c in size internal dimension and vary according to the type of brakes: most often disc brakes or V-brakes on certain models. The stability and rigidity of the wheel, for a safe ride in any circumstance, will be ensured by the use of simple stainless steel spokes, known for their reliability. Mach1 also offers as an option on some rim models an offset drilling, for a perfect spoke alignment and a reduction of mechanical stress.


No less than 28 rim models are available for the various types of trekking bikes: each type of use requires a perfectly adapted profile.

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