Our commitments

Customer satisfaction first

Nos engagements

Our daily motivation is to provide the best technical solutions to satisfy our customers and partners. The biggest players in the market trust us, as well as specialist brands, which demonstrates our ability to constantly adapt.

Product quality

Our historical know-how is a guarantee of quality for our customers, which is shown in the depth of our offer and in our capacity to innovate.

Technical expertise

From design to manufacture, our technical expertise allows us to advise our customers on components as well as on the sizing and assembly of wheels.

Customer service

Accessible, responsive, our team is committed to finding solutions and guaranteeing a high service rate.

French and European production

Our geographical location in the heart of Europe allows us to manufacture our components as close as possible to our customers' factories.

Revitalising the bike industry in France

Producing and assembling more bicycles in France is an economic challenge.

Mach1 supports the efforts to reindustrialise and structure a complete industry in the region, alongside institutional players.

With a proactive investment policy in development and industry, Mach1 is committed to promoting "Made in France" know-how and creating jobs locally.


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