Cycling to work, doing your local shopping or taking your children to school... so many good reasons to choose a bike for daily commuting. Opting for active mobility by bike means combining the benefits of physical activity, practicality, and the pleasure of rediscovering your environment in a different way!

Designed to be manageable, easy to use and maintain, urban bicycles are well equipped to ensure cyclist comfort and safety, including visibility. Several types of bikes coexist in the city: Dutch bikes, fixie bikes, electrically assisted bikes and folding bikes for interoperability with the train or the metro.


L'expertise de Mach1 dans cet univers

Stability, manoeuvrability and durability are the hallmarks of urban bicycles; hence the solid 26" or 28" wheels, which are rather light and suitable for the widespread use of skid brakes. Generally wide enough to give good grip in all weathers, urban bike tyres are mounted on rims with a low profile and an internal dimension of 19 to 21, or even 23 mm; except for the fixie where a narrow, high profile is required. The design of the rim is also very important, with a black finish - painted or anodised - or a silver finish for a vintage look.

As for the spokes, different options are possible: rust-resistant stainless steel for urban bikes that are parked outside all the time, natural finish for a total silver look of the wheel, or steel when the cost must be optimised.


Lightweight or thicker, double wall rims are structurally more rigid and resistant to torsion: this is the core of Mach1’s offer.

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