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From Mach1 to BIKEBOTIX

Created in France in the 70’s, CPM company is pioneer in the cycle industry as the inventor of the first wheel building machine.

This offer makes it possible to meet the expectations of the ever-growing cycle industry and the unprecedented rise of mountain bikes in the 80s and 90s.

In 1987, Maurice CHANAUX buys CPM and turns it to Mach1.

In 1996, a new factory is created, Mach1 components (near St-Etienne), to manufacture and sell rims, spokes and nipples for bicycle wheels.

In 2016, Mach1 Machinery moves to a new location, still close to Annecy in the French Alps.

Mach1 Machinery, the innovation

Over almost 40 years, Mach1 Machinery continued with the same DNA and introduced innovative wheel building machines.  

Today, the team is multidisciplinary with junior and senior people combining new technologies skills with large experience of the market. All have in common a strong spirit of innovation, a high reactivity and adaptability.


In 2022 BIKEBOTIX takes over Mach1 Machinery business and enlarges its offer to bike industry.

Under Mach1 Machinery brand, BIKEBOTIX offers solutions for bicycle and motorcycle wheel building and bicycle alloy rim manufacturing. Intuitive, easy to use, efficient, those machines improve productivity and performance for their users benefit

All designed and manufactured in France, they meet the latest quality requirements.

In addition, BIKEBOTIX offers bike assembly line solutions with overhead or ground conveyors.

To integrate this equipment in your Factory 4.0 concept, BIKEBOTIX offers the PLC and IT layer for data exchange with your MES/ERP or with it’s won supervision solution also available.  

Finally, BIKEBOTIX can develop customized solutions to answer specific needs of its customers. A team of engineers and service technicians, highly qualified and multilingual is available to assists customers all around the world. 

BIKEBOTIX successfully develops solutions for cycle wheels inherited from Mach1 while expanding its offer to meet the new requirements of this ever-changing industry.


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