Cargo and Longtail

As an alternative means of transport for the family or for utility purposes, the cargo bike has become very popular! Responding to a growing number of urban and environmentally friendly uses, it is available in many versions, possibly with electric assistance for ease of use.

The cargo bike can be used to transport heavy loads of up to several hundred kilos and is also available as a three-wheeler for the delivery of parcels and goods.

Cargo et longtail

L'expertise Mach1 dans cet univers

Cargo bike wheels should be designed to be strong and durable, to support high loads, goods or passengers. The contact area of the tyres with the ground is also crucial, to ensure good stability and to avoid tipping over on rough roads or when making sharp turns. Cargo bike rims therefore usually have an internal width of 25C and above to accommodate wide tyres.

As for the spokes, it is also a question of holding the load without breaking or unscrewing, hence the use of adapted spokes according to the use. Mach1 offers a wide range of spokes that meet these requirements.

The safety of the user is a prerequisite for manufacturers, governed by stricter standards than for traditional bikes. Equipped with its own test centre, Mach1 carries out stress tests on its components up to 250kg. These tests are available as a service and advice from our design office.


Lighter and more flexible to allow for better tensioning during assembly, these spokes are perfectly resistant to load.

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