Industrial know-how

At the heart of our production workshops


Processus de frabrication


10,500 m² of which 6,000 m² for production


Manufacturing process

From 120 to 210 spokes produced per minute!

The manufacture of spokes is a largely automated, high-speed industrial process. Various mechanical operations punctuate the transformation of the wire, which is delivered in reels: cutting, cold heading to form and then bend the head, and finally threading. The choice of materials - steel or stainless steel - and the shape – for example a narrower diameter in the centre - determine the strength and durability of the spokes.

applicable standards

MACH1 produces and sells components to build bikes wheels. These components are designed in accordance with the standards of the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation (ETRTO). By this way, our components can be used to build wheels in accordance with international standards: EN ISO4210, EN 15194 ,EN 16054 ,ISO 5775-2 ,EN ISO 8098.