Ruggedly designed for off-road riding on rough terrain, mountain bikes are among the most technical bikes. They are equipped with large, studded tyres and frames with a wide variety of geometries depending on the type of riding along with suspension forks to absorb shocks; they are made to satisfy both novice off-road riders and downhill enthusiasts. The search for sensations or performance is declined in various disciplines such as cross-country, all-mountain, free ride, downhill, enduro or trail with adapted models.


Mach1's expertise in this field

Riding steep slopes or rocky trails in complete safety requires technical mountain bike wheels with specific characteristics. Two diameters are recommended : 27.5" for manoeuvrability or 29" for stability and climbing.

When it comes to choosing components, it's a matter of compromise between weight and strength. Generally equipped with wide tyres, the rims must guarantee a good grip on the tubeless tyre when the rims are pressed hard during races. They must also be strong enough to avoid deformation and resist the forces exerted on the wheel.

The number of spokes and the type of spoking, usually 2 or 3-way crossings, also influence the rigidity of the wheel.

Mach1's engineering office has mastered all these technical issues and can make recommendations for assembly and sizing adapted to the customer's needs and practices.


Each profile has its own specific aluminium sleeve: a solid closure that allows a significant weight saving for the search for performance.

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